Sexy Wallpaper
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  • How do I set the images as my desktop background?
  • Click here for a tutorial on using wallpapers.

  • For what purpose and I allowed to use the wallpaper images obtained from for?
  • Anything you want except for commercial and/or profit use.

  • May I share the wallpapers with friends?
  • Yes, please do, and tell them about where you found them!

  • I have a favorite model or celebrity I would like a wallpaper for. Can you make me one?
  • If the model or celebrity is female and foxy, why not? Contact us to let us know about her so we can put her up here on!

  • I found information about a girl that is incorrect. Who do I contact for corrections?
  • Contact us with the details and we'll get right on it!
  •  Top Stars: